About KTC

KTC was established in 1998 by an establishing board of experts graduated in various power engineering fields from Tehran University.
Since beginning, two of establishing board members, have had an active attendance in the Board of Directors and other high practical positions.
The high engineering capabilities of the company have been the moving engine of the organization. And whenever, depending on the need in the market, a suitable and also acceptable product has been designing and presenting to the customers.  
Designing of the best samples of laboratory products of power engineering labs (Programmer) in the early years of the establishment, presenting the first intelligent nurse call system in later years and designing and manufacturing a new generation of intelligent nurse call system, radio talks recording system, Train Discharge Control and Monitoring System EOT and also producing Comprehensive Patient and Hospital Communication System from zero to a hundred for the first time in Iran and the Middle East, are evidences for this claim. In long years of productions presentation, we have been proud of being your choice. And the motivator which has warmed us to follow our way has been your support in recognizing and choosing suitable and methodical products in comparison with weak and market place ones. Relying on such wise costumers, today we are standing on the summits.
For reaching its high purposes, KTC requires the cooperation of all units as a team, which its members are the internal departments of the company. Also each department is an independent unit for itself, with an individual management, the result of the work of all these teams is and has been the main cause of dynamism of the company.

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Capabilities of KTC

The strongest point of KTC in comparison with other manufacturing companies has been holding a dynamic and active R&D center in its core. The responsibility of this unit is primary designing and sampling of ordered products and application test of these products in clinical environment, which can behold unbelievable capabilities for the company.

• Activities of KTC
1- Production and presentation of Comprehensive Patient Communication System.
2- Production and presentation of Comprehensive Hospital Communication System.
3- Production and presentation of Intelligent Recalling System.
4- Production of Intelligent Nurse Recall System.
5- Repairing and maintenance of radio stations of various rail ways of the country.
6- Production of Local Radio Talks Recording System with 16 channels for rail ways of the country.
7- The first and the only producer of the lightest alarm system of train discharge (E.O.T) of the world. 
8- Designing digital engineering in company with the customer’s order and requirement.
9- Holding the resume of installation of Nurse Recalling Systems in more than 250 hospitals.
10- Holding the experience of partnership with Ministry of Housing (Flourishing and Instrumentals Performing Organization in the country).
11- Holding the experience of partnership with Ministry of Road and Civil in the area of railing in 2003.

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