Calling the resuscitation code 99

Some of people are always dealing with heart stock, which in most cases heart beat stops are so early and the heart type in this group is so resuscitation to die. So, by in time involvements, before letting the heart experience severe and long lasting damages, we can resuscitation the heart activities and let the patient live longer.
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR includes a collection of involvements which are done for returning vital activities of two main organs heart and brain. The most important factor in a successful CPR is the matter of time and losing the golden seconds impresses all aspects of CPR and determines the final result. By passing each minute of cardio pulmonary stop, the chance of return for patient fades. Brain holds enough oxygen just for 10 sec. if the heart beat and blood cycle stop, the patient will lose their conscious after 15 sec. and their respiration will stop after 30-60 sec. Decline in the level of consciousness, beating and blood pressure termination happen immediately after heart stock. As much it passes from heart stock, the danger of brain damage becomes more sever and after 4-6 minutes (golden time), if the blood cycle doesn’t resume, the irreversible brain death happens. According to researches and statistical investigations provided from health centers, the most common cause of failed CPRs is the inability of calling the code in a proper manner and reporting to resuscitation group.

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