Hospital Products

According to devotion of a major share of insider market to medical equipment and devises, which majority of them are imported, and regarding specific problems in importing these products and supplying them with back up services, KTC, by a group of University of Tehran graduated ones, in various branches of power engineering, was established in 1998, to solve a small part of this problem. The purpose behind this establishment was to replace inside-produced medical equipment with imported ones, which other than being costly have less matching with the local culture of the country, and this issue alone cause a lot of problems to happen in clinical centers.
Toward actualizing this purpose, KTC, in the first step, has tried to design and manufacture communicative systems between patients and nurses under the name of Nurse Recalling System. In its early years, the system was mostly welcomed in Iran and KTC was known and registered as the first producer of intelligent nurse recalling systems in Iran’s medical industries. Following this welcome, in latter steps the company tried to edit and improve its productions. The company also justified its being in the front line by designing and manufacturing newer productions.
KTC, relying on having a dynamic and capable R&D can respond to the clinical users’ needs rapidly. Therefore, newer models of hospital systems in the field of communication are presented to the market every year.
Meanwhile, KTC, with more than a decade experience, is proud to present its productions in the field of medical equipment as below:

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